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The Soft Side of Software


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Originally published in Queue vol. 16, no. 6
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Bridget Kromhout - Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture (and Other Hard Truths)
Complex socio-technical systems are hard; film at 11.


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Clinton | Sun, 27 Jan 2019 01:24:45 UTC

Wow! What a wonderfully applicable collection of life skills. You did a phenomenal job of distilling them down into simple, easy-to-use patterns. What's more is because they are simple they are easily memorable. Thank you so much!

~ahanjura | Sat, 26 Jan 2019 11:36:47 UTC

Kate, I am glad you have highlighted issues that most of us aren't trained to handle particularly in the technology industry.

Your practical advise is worth its weight in gold and highly recommended for everyone encountering any of these tricky situations - tricky for even the otherwise brightest employees.

Such advise would do a world of good to well run workplaces and more so in workplaces where chaos is prevalent and one wonders about how to get around typical day to day corporate challenges.

Adam Cole | Wed, 23 Jan 2019 19:45:19 UTC

Excellent article Kate. There are plenty of business articles on managing similar difficult situations. What sets your article apart is the pragmatic Design Patterns. I love seeing the application of DPs to soft skills - brilliant!

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