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January/February 2019 Table of Contents

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January/February 2019 acmqueue


Net Neutrality: Unexpected Solution to Blockchain Scaling
Blockchains do not scale well, but cloud-delivery networks may lead to a solution to this problem. The trick is in establishing a provably neutral network design.
- Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

Garbage Collection as a Joint Venture
Google Chrome uses an approach called cross-component tracing to solve the problem of memory management across component boundaries. The result is a safe and efficient reclamation of memory.
- Ulan Degenbaev, Michael Lippautz, and Hannes Payer

Online Event Processing
Online event processing is finding a foothold in data management, particularly in cases where transaction processing has not been up to the task. OLEP allows an application to guarantee strong consistency properties across heterogeneous data systems.
- Martin Kleppmann, Alastair R. Beresford, and Boerge Svingen

Columns / Departments

The Worst Idea of All Time
KV has been ranting and raving now for 100 columns. From ignoble beginnings, KV, nevertheless, has persisted—and will continue to wrangle with anger management for many columns to come.
- George Neville-Neil

How to Create a Great Team Culture (and Why It Matters)
Good teams don't just happen. They spring from a leader who takes the time to build a culture where the team is greater than the sum of its individuals. When that happens, it's electric.
- Kate Matsudaira

Tom's Top Ten Things Executives Should Know about Software
If you're in a company whose executives doesn't understand how software is changing business, beware. If you are one of these execs, it's time to learn about this new world. If you work for these execs, start teaching them.
- Tom Limoncelli

Troubling Trends in Machine-learning Scholarship
Many research papers in the field of machine learning suffer from flaws that could mislead the public and stymie future research. Becoming aware of these problems could help avoid them in future endeavors.
- Zachary C. Lipton and Jacob Steinhardt

SageDB and NetAccel
A new edition to acmqueue examines two papers from the 2019 Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research. Each addresses a bold new direction for data-systems research—one looks at the role of learned models and the other examines network-accelerated query processing.
- Adrian Colyer

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