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Search Engines

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Originally published in Queue vol. 2, no. 2
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Alyre Morais | Wed, 18 Sep 2013 05:50:38 UTC

I just find out of the existence of DuckDuckGo today and I am excited about the new possibilities outside of Google. Now, searching info about DuckDuckGo, I found info as well on Gigablast. This is how I got to read the whole interview above with great interest. It's like coming out of the dark age to read such refreshing info about search tools. I knew something was wrong with Google in spite of it's popularity, but I thought that there was no viable alternative. I still have not check DuckDuckGo or Gigablast, but the one thing I found really interesting is the privacy issue and the problem with the personalize searching feature of Google. Google is not there to really help you in your search, and now I know that they have other agendas with the data collections, collusion with companies and governments, etc. Another big problem I have with google is that their result give us either too much results or nothing. Their advanced search is buried now and their search help too complicated. It's like Facebook and other tools, their default is serving them not the common people. The only thing that prevent that huge search tool to go down is the none information about the alternatives. But, the internet being an information spreader with Twitters and Facebook, etc., it's just a matter of time that the quality will eventually win over quantity. People are still impress with the huge amount of data in Google results, but is it really relevant ? Often, a link make me jump to another subject and I get to loose precious time away from my first search. Google seem to encourage that with these advertises, links, etc. The sky is the limit and the competition should be wide open, because I am sure that there's a lots of people out there who are unsatisfied with google. They are just waiting for a tool that really feels their needs plus with more respect for their privacy. Too many companies dismiss the value that people put on privacy. People are just not aware enough about how their privacy is very low in the priority for many companies. The big scandal in the US with the NSA scooping peoples information unlawfully, is just the beginning of a major waking up ! People will ask more and more for quality search results with the privacy they deserve. Listen to what the people really need and if you really serve the people, time will be on your side to compete with google. Google is like the Titanic to me, it has already hit the iceberg and it's just a matter of time before it will fall. I am so glad that I will start to look for alternate tools, because I was really not happy with their ' too much too little results' and their unacceptable collusion with companies against our privacies! Also their personalized search results is outrageous to me ! I'm jumping of the Titanic for sure right now. Thanks for the hope of alternatives you gave me. Have a great day ! ( N.B. Please excuse my English, since I'm French)

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