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Originally published in Queue vol. 4, no. 10
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Mendel Rosenblum, Carl Waldspurger - I/O Virtualization
Decoupling a logical device from its physical implementation offers many compelling advantages.

Scot Rixner - Network Virtualization
The recent resurgence in popularity of virtualization has led to its use in a growing number of contexts, many of which require high-performance networking. Consider server consolidation, for example. The efficiency of network virtualization directly impacts the number of network servers that can effectively be consolidated onto a single physical machine. Unfortunately, modern network virtualization techniques incur significant overhead, which limits the achievable network performance. We need new network virtualization techniques to realize the full benefits of virtualization in network-intensive domains.

Ulrich Drepper - The Cost of Virtualization
Virtualization can be implemented in many different ways. It can be done with and without hardware support. The virtualized operating system can be expected to be changed in preparation for virtualization, or it can be expected to work unchanged. Regardless, software developers must strive to meet the three goals of virtualization spelled out by Gerald Popek and Robert Goldberg: fidelity, performance, and safety.

Werner Vogels - Beyond Server Consolidation
Virtualization technology was developed in the late 1960s to make more efficient use of hardware. Hardware was expensive, and there was not that much available.


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David Brown | Tue, 15 Nov 2011 06:01:36 UTC

I must append the following (a favoured quotation):

"The old guys stole all of our best ideas" -Frederic W. Goudy (20th C. American typographer)

And then we should ask our esteemed colleagues to remind us about Burroughs, SDS, Univac, ICL, etc. etc. where these same ideas may have germinated at what might surprise us to have been the very same time as those from Yorktown Heights :) Wilkes would have been authoritative I'm sure. Our recent loss therein saddens us all.

David Brown | Tue, 15 Nov 2011 04:50:34 UTC

Adam, Just so! Indeed, I believe that IBM is owed great due for so very many of the things invented there that the mists of time have since enveloped, and most of us have yet to rediscover and/or learn. You refer, I suspect to VM (and MVS). Yes, we are but young fools discovering it all again. -d

adam shea | Sat, 03 Jul 2010 02:37:09 UTC

"Significantly motivated by these challenges, but also owing to several other important opportunities it offers, virtualization has recently become a principal focus for computer systems software. It enables a single computer to host multiple different operating system stacks, and it decreases server count and reduces overall system complexity. EMCs VMware is the most visible and early entrant in this space, but more recently XenSource, Parallels, and Microsoft have introduced virtualization solutions. Many of the major systems vendors, such as IBM, Sun, and Microsoft, have efforts under way to exploit virtualization. Virtualization appears to be far more than just another ephemeral marketplace trend. It is poised to deliver profound changes to the way that both enterprises and consumers use computer systems. "

IBM invented virtualization.

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