Patching and Deployment

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Understanding Software Patching

Developing and deploying patches is an increasingly important part of the software development process.

by Joseph Dadzie | March 18, 2005


UML Fever:
Diagnosis and Recovery

Acknowledgment is only the first step toward recovery from this potentially devastating affliction. The Institute of Infectious Diseases has recently published research confirming that the many and varied strains of UML Fever continue to spread worldwide, indiscriminately infecting software analysts, engineers, and managers alike. One of the fevers most serious side effects has been observed to be a significant increase in both the cost and duration of developing software products. This increase is largely attributable to a decrease in productivity resulting from fever-stricken individuals investing time and effort in activities that are of little or no value to producing deliverable products.

by Alex E. Bell | March 18, 2005


Software Needs Seatbelts and Airbags

Finding and fixing bugs in deployed software is difficult and time-consuming. Here are some alternatives.

by Emery D. Berger | July 16, 2012


Patching the Enterprise

Organizations of all sizes are spending considerable efforts on getting patch management right - their businesses depend on it.

by George Brandman | March 18, 2005


A Conversation with Tim Marsland

Delivering software to customers, especially in increments to existing systems, has been a difficult challenge since the days of floppies and shrink-wrap. But with guys like Tim Marsland working on the problem, the process could be improving.

by Kirk McKusick | June 7, 2005