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Patching and Deployment

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Originally published in Queue vol. 10, no. 7
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Kristian Hermansen | Wed, 05 Sep 2012 00:35:09 UTC

Hello Emery / ACM,

Great topic. It seems to me that coding in safer languages is a great start, of course, but PHP is semi-safe yet still all the bugs are pushed into the upper layers that present themselves as web vulnerabilities due to bad filtering, logic flaws, etc.

How about using Eiffel, which is the most OO-pure language and also incredibly safe? Even compiles down to useful C, which makes apps portable. Want to verify the logic? No problem...if you clearly honor Design by Contract methodologies proffered by Eiffel and built-in. Eiffel also has many other protective features such as loop invariants, etc.

If I were going to re-code all C / C++ software, I would do it in Eiffel and get the open source community on board...alas such a daunting task indeed!

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