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Electronic Voting Systems:
the Good, the Bad, and the Stupid

Is it true that politics and technology don't mix?

by Barbara Simons | November 30, 2004

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 2 Issue 7


Programmers Are People, too

I would like to start out this article with an odd, yet surprisingly uncontroversial assertion, which is this: programmers are human. I wish to use this as a premise to explore how to improve the programmer’s lot. So, please, no matter your opinion on the subject, grant me this assumption for the sake of argument.

by Ken Arnold | July 6, 2005


A Conversation with Jordan Cohen

Jordan Cohen calls himself 'sort of an engineer and sort of a linguist.' This diverse background has been the foundation for his long history working with speech technology, including almost 30 years with government agencies, with a little time out in the middle to work in IBM's speech recognition group. Until recently he was the chief technology officer of VoiceSignal, a company that does voice-based user interfaces for mobile devices. VoiceSignal has a significant presence in the cellphone industry, with its software running on between 60 and 100 million cellphones. Cohen has just joined SRI International as a senior scientist.

by Charlene O'Hanlon | July 27, 2006


The Future of Human-Computer Interaction

Personal computing launched with the IBM PC. But popular computing launched with the modern WIMP (windows, icons, mouse, pointer) interface, which made computers usable by ordinary people.

by John Canny | July 27, 2006


Social Perception

Modeling human interaction for the next generation of communication services

by James L. Crowley | July 27, 2006


The Invisible Assistant

One lab's experiment with ubiquitous computing

by Gaetano Borriello | July 27, 2006


Too Much Information

Two applications reveal the key challenges in making context-aware computing a reality. As mobile computing devices and a variety of sensors become ubiquitous, new resources for applications and services - often collectively referred to under the rubric of context-aware computing - are becoming available to designers and developers. In this article, we consider the potential benefits and issues that arise from leveraging context awareness in new communication services that include the convergence of VoIP (voice over IP) and traditional information technology.

by Jim Christensen, Jeremy Sussman, Stephen Levy, William E. Bennett, Tracee Vetting Wolf, Wendy A. Kellogg | July 27, 2006


UX Design and Agile:
A Natural Fit?

A user experience designer and a software engineer from SAP discuss the challenges of collaborating on a business-intelligence query tool.

by Terry Coatta, Julian Gosper | November 29, 2010


Finding Usability Bugs with Automated Tests

Automated usability tests can be valuable companions to in-person tests.

by Julian Harty | January 12, 2011


Realtime Computer Vision with OpenCV

Mobile computer-vision technology will soon become as ubiquitous as touch interfaces.

by Kari Pulli, Anatoly Baksheev, Kirill Kornyakov, Victor Eruhimov | April 22, 2012