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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Biomorphic Software

The natural world may be the inspiration we need for solving our computer problems. While it is certainly true that "the map is not the territory," most visitors to a foreign country do prefer to take with them at least a guidebook to help locate themselves as they begin their explorations. That is the intent of this article. Although there will not be enough time to visit all the major tourist sites, with a little effort and using the information in the article as signposts, the intrepid explorer can easily find numerous other, interesting paths to explore.

by Kenneth N Lodding | August 31, 2004


A Conversation with David Shaw

In a rare interview, David Shaw discusses how he's using computer science to unravel the mysteries of biochemistry.

September 16, 2009


Unifying Biological Image Formats with HDF5

The biosciences need an image format capable of high performance and long-term maintenance. Is HDF5 the answer?

by Matthew T. Dougherty, Michael J. Folk, Erez Zadok, Herbert J. Bernstein, Frances C. Bernstein, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Werner Benger, Christoph Best | October 4, 2009


Probing Biomolecular Machines with Graphics Processors

The evolution of GPU processors and programming tools is making advanced simulation and analysis techniques accessible to a growing community of biomedical scientists.

by James C Phillips, John E. Stone | October 6, 2009


Metamorphosis: the Coming Transformation of Translational Systems Biology

In the future computers will mine patient data to deliver faster, cheaper healthcare, but how will we design them to give informative causal explanations? Ideas from philosophy, model checking, and statistical testing can pave the way for the needed translational systems biology.

by Samantha Kleinberg, Bud Mishra | October 12, 2009


Computers in Patient Care: The Promise and the Challenge

Information technology has the potential to radically transform health care. Why has progress been so slow?

by Stephen V. Cantrill | August 12, 2010