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The Joy of Spam

Not a day goes by that a large amount of spam doesn’t get past the two filters that I have in place (one on the server and one on my mail client). Most of this e-mail is annoying and some of it dangerous. But I have finally come to peace with spam and it no longer bothers me. How did I do that, you ask? I have learned to respect, even love, spam’s malicious beauty. I want to share my journey to inner peace, hopeful that you will find happiness too.

by Phillip A. Laplante | November 10, 2006


E-mail Authentication:
What, Why, How?

Internet e-mail was conceived in a different world than we live in today. It was a small, tightly knit community, and we didn’t really have to worry too much about miscreants. Generally, if someone did something wrong, the problem could be dealt with through social means; “shunning” is very effective in small communities.

by Eric Allman | November 10, 2006


Fighting Spam with Reputation Systems

User-submitted spam fingerprints

by Vipul Ved Prakash, Adam O'Donnell | December 16, 2005


Instant Messaging or Instant Headache?

It's a reality. You have IM (instant messaging) clients in your environment. You have already recognized that it is eating up more and more of your network bandwidth and with Microsoft building IM capability into its XP operating system and applications, you know this will only get worse. Management is also voicing concerns over the lost user productivity caused by personal conversations over this medium. You have tried blocking these conduits for conversation, but it is a constant battle.

by John Stone, Sarah Merrion | May 5, 2004


The Economics of Spam

Who pays in the spam game?

by Eric Allman | January 29, 2004


IM, Not IP (Information Pollution)

A steady dose of realtime interruptions is toxic to anyone's health.

by Jakob Nielsen | January 28, 2004


A Conversation with Peter Ford

The IM world according to a messenger architect

by Eric Allman | January 28, 2004


On Helicopters and Submarines

SIP does a great job as a helicopter, but when you try to make it function as an IM submarine as well, disaster may follow.

by Marshall T. Rose | January 28, 2004

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 1 Issue 8


Nine IM Accounts and Counting

The key word with instant messaging today is interoperability. Various standards are in contention.

by Joe Hildebrand | January 28, 2004


Broadcast Messaging:
Messaging to the Masses

This powerful form of communication has social implications as well as technical challenges.

by Frank Jania | January 28, 2004


Beyond Instant Messaging

Platforms and standards for these services must anticipate and accommodate future developments.

by John C. Tang, James "Bo" Begole | January 28, 2004


Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, the FTC, and Spam

A forum sponsored by the FTC highlights just how bad spam is, and how it's only going to get worse without some intervention.

by Eric Allman | October 2, 2003