Vol. 16 No. 5 – September-October 2018


Benchmarking "Hello, World!"

As more and more software moves off the desktop and into data centers, and more and more cell phones use server requests as the other half of apps, observation tools for large-scale distributed transaction systems are not keeping up. This makes it tempting to look under the lamppost using simpler tools. You will waste a lot of high-pressure time following that path when you have a sudden complex performance crisis. Instead, know what each tool you use is blind to, know what information you need to understand a performance problem, and then look for tools that can actually observe that information directly.

by Richard L. Sites

CodeFlow: Improving the Code Review Process at Microsoft

A discussion with Jacek Czerwonka, Michaela Greiler, Christian Bird, Lucas Panjer, and Terry Coatta

Delivering a new set of capabilities for managing and improving Microsoft's code-review process was the primary goal right from the start. In the course of accomplishing that, much was also learned about certain general code-review principles. In fact, subsequent research has offered surprising evidence of just how similar the impact can be when many of these principles are followed at companies other than Microsoft.

by Jacek Czerwonka, Michaela Greiler, Christian Bird, Lucas Panjer, Terry Coatta