Web Security

Vol. 10 No. 11 – November 2012

Web Security

Browser Security Case Study: Appearances Can Be Deceiving:
A discussion with Jeremiah Grossman, Ben Livshits, Rebecca Bace, and George Neville-Neil

It seems every day we learn of some new security breach. It’s all there for the taking on the Internet: more and more sensitive data every second. As for privacy, we Facebook, we Google, we bank online, we shop online, we invest online& we put it all out there. And just how well protected is all that personally identifiable information? Not very.

by Jeremiah Grossman, Ben Livshits, Rebecca Bace, George Neville-Neil

Condos and Clouds:
Constraints in an environment empower the services.

Living in a condominium has its constraints and its services. By defining the lifestyle and limits on usage patterns, it is possible to pack many homes close together and to provide the residents with many conveniences. Condo living can offer a great value to those interested and willing to live within its constraints and enjoy the sharing of common services.

by Pat Helland

The Web Won’t Be Safe or Secure until We Break It:
Unless you’ve taken very particular precautions, assume every Web site you visit knows exactly who you are.

The Internet was designed to deliver information, but few people envisioned the vast amounts of information that would be involved or the personal nature of that information. Similarly, few could have foreseen the potential flaws in the design of the Internet that would expose this personal information, compromising the data of individuals and companies.

by Jeremiah Grossman

Splinternet Behind the Great Firewall of China:
Once China opened its door to the world, it could not close it again.

What if you could not access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia? How would you feel if Google informed you that your connection had been reset during a search? What if Gmail was only periodically available, and Google Docs, which was used to compose this article, was completely unreachable? What a mess!

by Daniel Anderson