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Bringing IT All Together

March 1, 2007

Topic: System Administration

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Adam Oliner, Archana Ganapathi, Wei Xu - Advances and Challenges in Log Analysis
Logs contain a wealth of information for help in managing systems.

Mark Burgess - Testable System Administration
Models of indeterminism are changing IT management.

Christina Lear - System Administration Soft Skills
How can system administrators reduce stress and conflict in the workplace?

Thomas A. Limoncelli - A Plea to Software Vendors from Sysadmins - 10 Do's and Don'ts
What can software vendors do to make the lives of sysadmins a little easier?

A piecemeal approach to building data centers that relies on commodity servers, switches and systems management software only leads to inefficient systems that add unnecessary cost and management overhead to IT operations. In an interview with Queuecast host Mike Vizard, Liquid Computing CTO and co-founder Mike Kemp offers a fresh approach to enterprise computing.

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