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Computer Architecture

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Originally published in Queue vol. 9, no. 12
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Mohamed Zahran - Heterogeneous Computing: Here to Stay
Hardware and Software Perspectives

David Chisnall - There's No Such Thing as a General-purpose Processor
And the belief in such a device is harmful

Satnam Singh - Computing without Processors
Heterogeneous systems allow us to target our programming to the appropriate environment.

Dorian Birsan - On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures
Extensible application architectures such as Eclipse offer many advantages, but one must be careful to avoid "plug-in hell."


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Steve Thompson | Mon, 23 Jan 2012 01:26:05 UTC

This is a non-issue, IMO. Part of the programmer's responsibility is to know and understand how his software works. That means using synchronization primitives when they are necessary. End of story. Sure, threaded applications may be difficult to write, but that is a function of skill and experience. I expect to command big bux because I know what I am doing. Those who write code beyond their skill level deserve every buggy application they deploy and the liabilities that go along with it.

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