Social Computing

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Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise:
Can your organization benefit from social bookmarking tools?

One of the greatest challenges facing people who use large information spaces is to remember and retrieve items that they have previously found and thought to be interesting. One approach to this problem is to allow individuals to save particular search strings to re-create the search in the future. Another approach has been to allow people to create personal collections of material. Collections of citations can be created manually by readers or through execution of (and alerting to) a saved search.

by David Millen, Jonathan Feinberg, Bernard Kerr | December 16, 2005


People in Our Software:
A person-centric approach could make software come alive, but at what cost?

People are not well represented in today’s software. With the exception of IM (instant messaging) clients, today’s applications offer few clues that people are actually living beings. Static strings depict things associated with people like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and home-page URLs. Applications also tend to show the same information about a person, no matter who is viewing it.

by John Richards, Jim Christensen | February 24, 2004