Vol. 8 No. 7 – July 2010


Lessons from the Letter:
Security flaws in a large organization

I recently received a letter in which a company notified me that they had exposed some of my personal information. While it is now quite common for personal data to be stolen, this letter amazed me because of how well it pointed out two major flaws in the systems of the company that lost the data. I am going to insert three illuminating paragraphs here and then discuss what they actually can teach us.

by George V. Neville-Neil

Software Development with Code Maps:
Could those ubiquitous hand-drawn code diagrams become a thing of the past?

To better understand how professional software developers use visual representations of their code, we interviewed nine developers at Microsoft to identify common scenarios, and then surveyed more than 400 developers to understand the scenarios more deeply.

by Robert DeLine, Gina Venolia, Kael Rowan