Queue Portrait: Kate Matsudaira

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In this video interview conducted by Terry Coatta, Kate Matsudaira discusses key architectural choices in the design of systems and data partitioning.


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Kate Matsudaira has just recently made a foray into novel territory as founder of her own company Pop Forms. Prior to that she worked in engineering leadership roles at companies such as Decide, SEOmoz, and Amazon. Her technical experience spans a wealth of areas, but she has consistently been involved with the construction of high performance distributed systems and systems addressing data collection and analysis. Kate is also well-known for her blog on which deals with issues in leadership and management. In this video, she discusses her experience in building and scaling out systems that collect and analyze large volumes of data. She covers key architectural choices in the design of these systems, delving into data partitioning in particular.


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Allen | Thu, 06 Jun 2013 19:12:03 UTC

Love the video!! Much more engaging than just text. And unlike my peer who previously commented, I love the editing! Way to make a talking-head video visually engaging. :-D (I suppose I might cut it down to 10m if it were me, but otherwise great)

Mary | Thu, 06 Jun 2013 18:03:49 UTC

This may be the most irritating video I've ever seen! Way too much cutting and hand-waving, which is very distracting from the interview message.

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