Jim Gray - A Talk with THE SQL Guru and Architect

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Pat Helland - Data on the Outside vs. Data on the Inside
Data kept outside SQL has different characteristics from data kept inside.

Pat Helland - Identity by Any Other Name
The complex cacophony of intertwined systems

Raymond Blum, Betsy Beyer - Achieving Digital Permanence
The many challenges to maintaining stored information and ways to overcome them

Graham Cormode - Data Sketching
The approximate approach is often faster and more efficient.

Jim Gray is a distinguished engineer in Microsoft's Scalable Servers Research Group and manager of our Bay Area Research Center. That doesn't even sta rt to do justice to the role Jim has played in the development of databases. You might know him as the guy behind Terra Service or Sky Server. We sat down with Jim for a couple of hours. Here's the first part. We talk about everything related to new database architectures and new trends in computing as well as his role in Terra Service.


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