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Arm Your Applications for Bulletproof Deployment: A Conversation with Tom Spalthoff

March 1, 2007

Topic: SIP

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- From Liability to Advantage: A Conversation with John Graham-Cumming and John Ousterhout
Software production has become a bottleneck in many development organizations.

Martin J. Steinmann - Unified Communications with SIP
SIP can provide realtime communications as a network service.

Jason Fischl, Hannes Tschofenig - Making SIP Make Cents
P2P payments using SIP could enable new classes of micropayment applications and business models.

David A. Bryan, Bruce B. Lowekamp - Decentralizing SIP
If you're looking for a low-maintenance IP communications network, peer-to-peer SIP might be just the thing.

Companies can achieve a reliable desktop environment while reducing the time and cost spent preparing high-quality application packages.

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