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Business Process Minded: Transcript of interview with Edwin Khodabakchian, vice president of product development at Oracle

October 1, 2006

Topic: Databases

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Pat Helland - Identity by Any Other Name
New emerging systems and protocols both tighten and loosen our notions of identity, and that’s good! They make it easier to get stuff done. REST, IoT, big data, and machine learning all revolve around notions of identity that are deliberately kept flexible and sometimes ambiguous. Notions of identity underlie our basic mechanisms of distributed systems, including interchangeability, idempotence, and immutability.

Raymond Blum, Betsy Beyer - Achieving Digital Permanence
Today’s Information Age is creating new uses for and new ways to steward the data that the world depends on. The world is moving away from familiar, physical artifacts to new means of representation that are closer to information in its essence. We need processes to ensure both the integrity and accessibility of knowledge in order to guarantee that history will be known and true.

Graham Cormode - Data Sketching
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by an unending stream of information? It can seem like a barrage of new email and text messages demands constant attention, and there are also phone calls to pick up, articles to read, and knocks on the door to answer. Putting these pieces together to keep track of what’s important can be a real challenge. In response to this challenge, the model of streaming data processing has grown in popularity. The aim is no longer to capture, store, and index every minute event, but rather to process each observation quickly in order to create a summary of the current state.

Heinrich Hartmann - Statistics for Engineers
Modern IT systems collect an increasing wealth of data from network gear, operating systems, applications, and other components. This data needs to be analyzed to derive vital information about the user experience and business performance. For instance, faults need to be detected, service quality needs to be measured and resource usage of the next days and month needs to be forecast.

A new paradigm created to empower business system analysts by giving them access to meta-data that they can directly control to drive business process management is about to sweep the enterprise application arena. In an interview with ACM Queuecast host Michael Vizard, Oracle vice president of product development Edwin Khodabakchian explains how the standardization of service-oriented architectures and the evolution of the business process execution language are coming together to finally create flexible software architectures that can adapt to the business rather than making the business adapt to the software.

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