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Originally published in Queue vol. 16, no. 1
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Jez Humble - Continuous Delivery Sounds Great, but Will It Work Here?
It's not magic, it just requires continuous, daily improvement at all levels.

Nicole Forsgren, Mik Kersten - DevOps Metrics
Your biggest mistake might be collecting the wrong data.

Alvaro Videla - Metaphors We Compute By
Code is a story that explains how to solve a particular problem.

Ivar Jacobson, Ian Spence, Pan-Wei Ng - Is There a Single Method for the Internet of Things?
Essence can keep software development for the IoT from becoming unwieldy.


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Tom | Wed, 04 Jul 2018 15:49:07 UTC

This article succinctly captures what I've been doing for > 20 years as a sysadmin and DevOps for the last 5.

I especially like the PasteOps section. One of the impediments I've hit over the years is people wanting to create "proper docs" in something that cannot be copied and pasted. Or worse, duplicates it somewhere else that must be maintained to prevent errors. Wikis are great in that they can link instead of copy.

Thank you!

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