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Web Development

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Originally published in Queue vol. 11, no. 2
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Taylor Savage - Componentizing the Web
We may be on the cusp of a new revolution in web development.

Arie van Deursen - Beyond Page Objects: Testing Web Applications with State Objects
Use states to drive your tests

Rich Harris - Dismantling the Barriers to Entry
We have to choose to build a web that is accessible to everyone.

Alex Liu - JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface
Conditional dependency resolution


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michael | Thu, 04 Apr 2013 17:55:45 UTC

Very nice! A link to a page actually implementing this would really complete it - i.e. to the demo, not the source code.

Lasse Nielsen | Fri, 29 Mar 2013 15:55:14 UTC

And in case anyone thinks these "triangles using border" is a new idea, Erik's slantastic demo ( was the first example I saw of them - more than ten years ago, from back when Netscape 6.2 was a current browser.

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