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Distributed Computing

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Originally published in Queue vol. 8, no. 4
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Pat Helland - Life Beyond Distributed Transactions
An apostate's opinion

Ivan Beschastnikh, Patty Wang, Yuriy Brun, Michael D, Ernst - Debugging Distributed Systems
Challenges and options for validation and debugging

Sachin Date - Should You Upload or Ship Big Data to the Cloud?
The accepted wisdom does not always hold true.

George Neville-Neil - Time is an Illusion.
Lunchtime doubly so. - Ford Prefect to Arthur Dent in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", by Douglas Adams


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William Pirkey | Mon, 19 Apr 2010 14:00:15 UTC

Mr Durkee- One factor that greatly affects cost is not even mentioned in your article--that of Information Assurance. The aspect of IA that assures that no one other than those specifically authorized have access to the data, and that the data (not just the service) will be available when needed. The data must also be transportable between cloud providers, which offers an added level of IA. When a company is evaluating "moving to the cloud", this is often overlooked--which I fear you just did.

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