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IT Roadmap Conference and Expo
August 12, 2008
Seattle, Washington

Search Engine Strategies
August 18-21, 2008
San Jose, California

SciPy (Python in Science Conference)
August 19-24, 2008
Pasadena, California


iPhone Bootcamp at the Big Nerd Ranch
September 8-12, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia

CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment
September 10-12, 2008
San Francisco, California

Gartner Business Process Management Summit
September 10-12, 2008
Washington, D.C.

Austin Game Developers Conference
September 15-17, 2008
Austin, Texas

Best Practices Conference
September 15-17, 2008
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Web 2.0 Expo
September 16-19, 2008
New York, New York

IDC Security Summit
September 18, 2008
New York, New York

IT Roadmap Conference and Expo
September 23, 2008
Dallas, Texas

Software Test and Performance Conference
September 24-26, 2008
Boston, Massachusetts

STARWest (Software Testing Analysis and Review)
September 29-October 3, 2008
Anaheim, California


GreenXchange Xpo
October 1-3, 2008
Los Angeles, California

October 15-17, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

Colorado Software Summit
October 19-24, 2008
Keystone, Colorado

IBM Information On Demand Global Conference
October 26-31, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

SD Best Practices
October 27-30, 2008
Boston, Massachusetts

October 28-30, 2008
Reston, Virginia


Apache Conference
November 3-7, 2008
New Orleans, Louisiana

Agile Development Practices
November 10-14, 2008
Orlando, Florida


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