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Kudos to Curmudgeon

Great Curmudgeon column (“Alloneword”) by Stan Kelly-Bootle in the May/June 2007 issue of Queue. I relish satire. I distrust all announced principles of anything.

A high moment in my life occurred during a dry run of a presentation on the capabilities of a software programming department, when our group was advertised to possess an “outstanding collection of software fools.”

David H. Winfield

I was really pleased with your May/June 2007 issue. The Michael Stonebraker/Margo Seltzer interview and John O’Hara’s article (“Toward a Commodity Enterprise Middleware”) both discussed the nuts and bolts of enterprise computing in a no-nonsense way that I rarely find in other publications, which mostly hand-wave about vague concepts (the astonishingly vague SOA, for example).

The home run was the installation of Stan Kelly-Bootle as the permanent curmudgeon. Long may he write!

J.G. Owen, Huntington Station, New York

I’m a new ACM member and am just starting to enjoy the benefits of my membership. Your May/June 2007 issue was great. I enjoyed all the articles, particularly “API Design Matters” by Michi Henning and the Kode Vicious column (“KV the Loudmouth”). But my favorite was Stan Kelly-Bootle as the Curmudgeon.

Tom Browder, Niceville, Florida

Long Live the Wire

Amazing! Someone who has the same viewpoint as I do! I agree with all the reasons Mache Creeger gives for choosing wired over wireless networks (“Embracing Wired Networks,” May/June 2007). Security is indeed a big problem. I can find only four wireless networks from my laptop while sitting in my living room. But I am able to join two of them.

I wired my own home, which was 14 years old at the time. I still live there and have had no problems with the installation since I wired it.

Wes Taylor, Bellingham, Washington

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Originally published in Queue vol. 5, no. 5
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