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Web Services

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Originally published in Queue vol. 3, no. 10
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Diptanu Gon Choudhury, Timothy Perrett - Designing Cluster Schedulers for Internet-Scale Services
Embracing failures for improving availability

Štěpán Davidovič, Betsy Beyer - Canary Analysis Service
Automated canarying quickens development, improves production safety, and helps prevent outages.

Benjamin Treynor Sloss, Mike Dahlin, Vivek Rau, Betsy Beyer - The Calculus of Service Availability
You're only as available as the sum of your dependencies.

Tom Killalea - The Hidden Dividends of Microservices
Microservices aren't for every company, and the journey isn't easy.


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Philip W Smoot | Thu, 01 Mar 2012 14:46:41 UTC

This is almost like a "been there feeling," I just wanted to verify your balance of omni-presence! The principles of mega management structure, get them to lead because they believe they can and the science of Ti-Chi-Tu, will solve the time and space battle.

Where one goes not and experiences the omni-nature, one will fail to teach it! Humble Regards, Philip W Smoot Sheridan, IN

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