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November 6-12, 2004
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RFID Developer Conference
November 9-10, 2004
San Francisco, California

LISA (Large Installation System Administration)
November 14-19, 2004
Atlanta, Georgia

StarWest (Software Testing Analysis and Review)
November 15-19, 2004
Anaheim, California

XML Conference and Exposition
November 15-19, 2004
Washington, DC

Cyberworlds International Conference
November 18-20, 2004
Tokyo, Japan


WORLDS (Workshop on Real, Large Distributed Systems)
December 5, 2004
San Francisco, California

Oracle OpenWorld
December 5-9, 2004
San Francisco, California

OSDI (Operating Systems Design and Implementation)
December 6-8, 2004
San Francisco, California

Software Test and Performance Conference
December 7-9, 2004
Baltimore, Maryland

HiPC (International Conference on High Performance Computing)
December 19-22, 2004
Bangalore, India

ICDCIT (International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology)
December 22-24, 2004
Bhubaneswar, India


POPL (Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages)
January 12-14, 2005
Long Beach, California


AIA (Artificial Intelligence and Applications)
February 14-16, 2005
Innsbruck, Austria

PDCN (Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks)
February 15-17
Innsbruck, Austria

FPGA (International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
February 20-22, 2005
Monterey, California


ICICIS (International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems
March 5-7, 2004
Cairo, Egypt

ETech (O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference)
March 14-17, 2005
San Diego, California

SD West (Software Development Conference and Expo)
March 14-18, 2005
Santa Clara, California


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