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Crossing Time Zones

I’ve read three issues of ACM Queue so far and I must say I’ve really enjoyed them. The distributed development issue (ACM Queue 1(9), December/January 2003-2004) covered topics that will become increasingly important to developers—for instance, to those of us at Wal-Mart offices worldwide—as we deal with different time zones.

Subir Sengupta, Cupertino, California

Is DSP Right for You?

Your March issue (ACM Queue 2(1), 2004) had a number of articles about DSP (digital signal processing), but none of them made the case for why real-world software practitioners should give a damn.

Chris Maeda, Salem, New Hampshire

Can Business Process Management Deliver?

Laury Verner’s “BPM: The Promise and the Challenge” (ACM Queue 2(1), March 2004) is an excellent overview of the current business process management situation. It helped me to better understand some of the disconnects that exist between business process analysis and system design.

Pamela R. Mason, Silver Spring, Maryland

The article on BPM is great. Verner provided a very readable up-to-date account that I can use to help communicate the value and benefit associated with BPM.

Jayson Durham , San Diego, California

That Kelly-Bootle!

Thank you so much for running Stan Kelly-Bootle’s Curmudgeon” (ACM Queue 2(1), March 2004). I’ve enjoyed his pithy humor and erudite comments for years. I hope we’ll see him in ACM Queue on a regular basis.

Cynthia Browning, Duluth, Georgia

I enjoyed reading Stan Kelly-Bootle’s Curmudgeon column. I’ve been reading his articles in computer magazines for a long time, and he’s always informative and entertaining.

I look forward to reading him in future issues of ACM Queue.

Mike Zorn, Santa Ana, California

Great to see Stan Kelly-Bootle’s Curmudgeon, “Damnéd Digits. Even though I don’t understand much of what he says, what I do understand is priceless.

Chris Vickery, Flushing, New York

Stricken by UML Fever

Send me reprints of Alex E. Bell’s “Death by UML Fever” (ACM Queue 2(1), March 2004) quickly, before the entire IT department has to be hospitalized!

Jon Ogden, Milford, Massachusetts

“Death by UML Fever” is pure brilliance. It has immediately become one of my favorite articles of all time.

Stephen Vinowski, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I loved “Death by UML Fever.” We’ve all seen our comrades stricken with this to varying degrees.

It takes a great deal of skill to take a serious topic, present it in an entertaining way, and not lose the essence of the message. Bravo.

Dave McComb, Fort Collins, Colorado

I noted symptoms of several strains of UML fever in my group’s projects. Hopefully, by recognizing the problem in ourselves, we can work toward a cure.

Pete Thomas, Wharton, New Jersey


The March 2004 issue of ACM Queue contains an error in Alexander Wolfe’s “Get Your Graphics On: OpenGL Advances with the Times” (see page 13). The movie Toy Story was released in 1995, not 2001, which was the year that the DVD was released.

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