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Web Security

Web Security

Why Is It Taking So Long to Secure Internet Routing?

  Sharon Goldberg

Routing security incidents can still slip past deployed security defenses.

What DNS Is Not
The Network is Reliable
DNS Complexity by Paul Vixie

Certificate Transparency

  Ben Laurie

Public, verifiable, append-only logs

Network Forensics
The Case Against Data Lock-in
A Decade of OS Access-control Extensibility

Securing the Tangled Web

  Christoph Kern

Preventing script injection vulnerabilities through software design

Fault Injection in Production
High Performance Web Sites
Vicious XSS



Privacy, Anonymity, and Big Data
in the Social Sciences

  Jon P. Daries, Justin Reich, Jim Waldo, Elise M. Young, Jonathan Whittinghill, Daniel Thomas Seaton, Andrew Dean Ho, Isaac Chuang

Quality social science research and the privacy of human subjects requires trust.

Four Billion Little Brothers?: Privacy, mobile phones, and ubiquitous data collection
Communications Surveillance: Privacy and Security at Risk
Modeling People and Places with Internet Photo Collections

Undergraduate Software Engineering: Addressing the Needs of Professional Software Development

  Michael J. Lutz, J. Fernando Naveda, James R. Vallino

Addressing the Needs of Professional Software Development

Fun and Games: Multi-Language Development
Pride and Prejudice: (The Vasa)
A Conversation with John Hennessy and David Patterson



The Network is Reliable

  Peter Bailis, Kyle Kingsbury

An informal survey of real-world communications failures

Eventual Consistency Today: Limitations, Extensions, and Beyond
The Antifragile Organization
Self-Healing Networks

Multipath TCP

  Christoph Paasch, Olivier Bonaventure

Decoupled from IP, TCP is at last able to support multihomed hosts.

Passively Measuring TCP Round-trip Times
You Don't Know Jack about Network Performance
TCP Offload to the Rescue

Rate-limiting State

  Paul Vixie

The edge of the Internet is an unruly place

DNS Complexity
Broadcast Messaging: Messaging to the Masses
Lessons from the Letter



Bringing Arbitrary Compute to Authoritative Data

  Mark Cavage, David Pacheco

Many disparate use cases can be satisfied with a single storage system.

Cloud Computing: An Overview
A co-Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks
Condos and Clouds

Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency

  Wyatt Lloyd, Michael J. Freedman, Michael Kaminsky, David G. Andersen

Stronger properties for low-latency geo-replicated storage

Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures
Eventual Consistency Today: Limitations, Extensions, and Beyond
Structured Deferral: Synchronization via Procrastination

A Primer on Provenance

  Lucian Carata, Sherif Akoush, Nikilesh Balakrishnan, Thomas Bytheway, Ripduman Sohan, Margo Seltzer, Andy Hopper

Better understanding of data requires tracking its history and context.

Provenance in Sensor Data Management
CTO Roundtable: Storage
Better Scripts, Better Games

Columns: Cerf's Up

ACM and the Professional Programmer

  Vinton G. Cerf

How do you, the reader, stay informed about research that influences your work?

Columns: Kode Vicious

Outsourcing Responsibility

  George V. Neville-Neil

What do you do when your debugger fails you?

Columns: The Bikeshed

Quality Software Costs Money - Heartbleed Was Free

  Poul-Henning Kamp

How to generate funding for FOSS


Who Must You Trust?

  Thomas Wadlow


You must have some trust if you want to get anything done.

The Answer is 42 of Course
Weapons of Mass Assignment
LinkedIn Password Leak: Salt Their Hide

Finding More Than One Worm in the Apple

  Mike Bland

If you see something, say something.

Security is Harder than You Think
Nine IM Accounts and Counting
Browser Security Case Study

The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye

  Bob Toxen

How good security at the NSA could have stopped him

More Encryption Is Not the Solution
Four Billion Little Brothers?
Communications Surveillance: Privacy and Security at Risk

Case Study

Quality Assurance

Automated QA Testing at EA:
Driven by Events

A discussion with Michael Donat, Jafar Husain,
and Terry Coatta

Orchestrating an Automated Test Lab
Finding Usability Bugs with Automated Tests
Adopting DevOps Practices in Quality Assurance


Design Exploration through Code-generating DSLs


  Bo Joel Svensson, Mary Sheeran, Ryan Newton

High-level DSLs for low-level programming

Purpose-Built Languages
The Ideal HPC Programming Language
Creating Languages in Racket

Domain-specific Languages and Code Synthesis
Using Haskell

  Andy Gill

Looking at embedded DSLs

OCaml for the Masses
The World According to LINQ
DSL for the Uninitiated

The Curse of the Excluded Middle

  Erik Meijer

"Mostly functional" programming does not work

A Conversation with Erik Meijer and José Blakeley
Multitier Programming in Hop
FPGA Programming for the Masses



Major-league SEMAT—Why Should an Executive Care?

  Ivar Jacobson, Pan-Wei Ng, Ian Spence, Paul E. McMahon

Becoming better, faster, cheaper, and happier

The Essence of Software Engineering: The SEMAT Kernel
A Conversation with Steve Bourne, Eric Allman, and Bryan Cantrill
Voyage in the Agile Memeplex

The Software Inferno

  Alex E. Bell

Dante's tale, as experienced by a software architect

Death by UML Fever
Coding for the Code
Software Development with Code Maps


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