Vol. 7 No. 6 – July 2009



The Pathologies of Big Data

Scale up your datasets enough and all your apps will come undone. What are the typical problems and where do the bottlenecks generally surface?

by Adam Jacobs

Monitoring and Control of Large Systems with MonALISA

MonALISA developers describe how it works, the key design principles behind it, and the biggest technical challenges in building it.

by Iosif Legrand, Ramiro Voicu, Catalin Cirstoiu, Costin Grigoras, Latchezar Betev, Alexandru Costan


Words Fail Them

Dedesignating and other linguistic hazards

by Stan Kelly-Bootle

Case Study: RIA Development

Reveling in Constraints

The Google Web Toolkit is an end-run around Web development obstacles.

by Bruce Johnson