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The Mobility Tech Pack has been developed as a resource for practitioners in the computer industry and related areas of engineering who want to learn about fundamental concepts in the field of mobile computing. The materials presented here have been selected from the current literature, capturing important mobile technology research in academia and industry. The Tech Pack is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the field, but a starting point that provides readers with reference materials that can be used to expand their knowledge, giving them enough information to carry out an informed literature search for an in-depth study of a topic.

Mobility has become an essential field of computing with a fast-growing research community catalyzed by the mass adoption of mobile platforms in daily life. For example, in 2011 analysts at Gartner expect about 1.7 billion mobile phones to ship, along with 180 million laptops. Within the cell phone market segment, smart phones experienced a growth of over 70% in the 2010-11 period. This is the driving force motivating mobile research and development, providing a fertile ground for continued innovation.

We hope you find this Tech Pack educational, and of value to your profession. The structure of this Tech Pack is presented in the Annotated Bibliography Sections (see sidebar on Annotated Bibliography page), organized into five main sections: Mobility Visions, Applications and Middleware, Wireless & Mobile Technologies, Community Resources, and Supplementary Materials. Further, in Sections 2 and 3, which contain the majority of references to current mobile computing research, papers are further classified using the (1)–(5) keys below; providing guidance to the reader on the type of resource being presented:

  1. Survey/Overview: Survey of the field, or overview of the technology;
  2. System: Technology built into a system capable of supporting an application;
  3. Experience: Deployment to a group of users or lab experiment;
  4. Theory: A paper that expands our theoretic understanding of the technology;  
  5. General: Additional paper(s) that help define the area/technology.

In the various subsections we have tried to provide a comprehensive insight into the topic by including a key paper in each category. However, some topics are not as well suited to this classification, and in these cases several papers may be referenced under the same category, while other categories are not represented.

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