Advisory Board

Eric Allman

  • Eric Allman is the cofounder and recent chief science officer of Sendmail, one of the first open-source based companies. Allman was previously the lead progr ammer on the Mammoth Project at the University of California at Berkeley. This was his second incarnation at Berkeley, as he was the chief programmer on the INGRES database management project. In addition to his assigned tasks, he got involved with the early Unix effort at Berkeley. His first experi ences with Unix were with the 4th Edition. Over the years, he wrote a number of utilities that appeared with various releases of BSD, including the tr off -me macros, tset, trek, syslog, vacation, and of course sendmail. Allman spent the years between the two Berkeley incarnations at Britton Lee (lat er Sharebase) doing database user and application interfaces, and at the International Computer Science Institute, contributing to the Ring Array Proc essor project for neural-net-based speech recognition. He also coauthored the "C Advisor" column for Unix Review for several years. He was a member of the board of directors of Usenix Association.

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