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Purpose-built Systems

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Originally published in Queue vol. 2, no. 2
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Jim Barton - TiVo-lution
The challenges of delivering a reliable, easy-to-use DVR service to the masses

Terry Coatta - The (not so) Hidden Computer
The growing complexity of purpose-built systems is making it difficult to conceal the computers within.


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Paul Murray | Tue, 08 Mar 2011 05:55:34 UTC

I'd like to see a system where a number (a hash) was printed on your card. If you take your card home and enter that number, then you can see what vote is stored in the system. But there is no way for someone to know who voted what without the number printed on that card (and only on that card). The hash should include they cryptographic signature of the election official who verified your identity, and the one who put your card in the machine and asked you "does what you see on the screen right now match the vote you intended to make?" and then returned the card to you.

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