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Game Development

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Walker White, Christoph Koch, Johannes Gehrke, Alan Demers - Better Scripts, Better Games
The video game industry earned $8.85 billion in revenue in 2007, almost as much as movies made at the box office. Much of this revenue was generated by blockbuster titles created by large groups of people. Though large development teams are not unheard of in the software industry, game studios tend to have unique collections of developers. Software engineers make up a relatively small portion of the game development team, while the majority of the team consists of content creators such as artists, musicians, and designers.

Jim Waldo - Scaling in Games & Virtual Worlds
I used to be a systems programmer, working on infrastructure used by banks, telecom companies, and other engineers. I worked on operating systems. I worked on distributed middleware. I worked on programming languages. I wrote tools. I did all of the things that hard-core systems programmers do.

Mark Callow, Paul Beardow, David Brittain - Big Games, Small Screens
One thing that becomes immediately apparent when creating and distributing mobile 3D games is that there are fundamental differences between the cellphone market and the more traditional games markets, such as consoles and handheld gaming devices. The most striking of these are the number of delivery platforms; the severe constraints of the devices, including small screens whose orientation can be changed; limited input controls; the need to deal with other tasks; the nonphysical delivery mechanism; and the variations in handset performance and input capability.

Nick Porcino - Gaming Graphics
It has been a long journey from the days of multicolored sprites on tiled block backgrounds to the immersive 3D environments of modern games. What used to be a job for a single game creator is now a multifaceted production involving staff from every creative discipline. The next generation of console and home computer hardware is going to bring a revolutionary leap in available computing power; a teraflop (trillion floating-point operations per second) or more will be on tap from commodity hardware.


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TheGunslinger (Game Name) | Fri, 14 Jan 2011 03:30:17 UTC

The fact is that sociopaths and immaturity abounds. Introduce the 'anonymity' factor, and you now allow the cretins to play out their anti-social tendencies. So, we now have cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying.

Many MMORPG's now have introduced PvP arenas where you can go toe2toe. This eliminates the cretins from spoiling the game for most other players. This is a good concept.

The idea of guilds and clans, especially in MMORPG's has resulted in a gang-mentality. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Social networking is an acceptable form of gang-mentality.

I suspect, you can find a lot of things done incorrectly in one person's opinion and in another's, it's the plus of the game that makes it fun.



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