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Kode Vicious


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Originally published in Queue vol. 17, no. 4
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Darwin Garcia | Wed, 18 Sep 2019 17:03:05 UTC

KV, thank you for the response. The analogy used to compare modern coding boot camps to plumbing trade schools is spot on. However, if I was looking for advise, I would have expected to find more a little more meaningful guide. For instance, you mentioned to pick Python as a language to start with. But what strategy should the person take to learn and start getting value of what they would learn? What resources to pick, projects to work on to learn by doing, etc. For instance, learn the basic data structures from a place such as Udacity, course on Python. Then pick a project of interest. If the person wants to do build something in the web, focus on starting with one framework, i.e. Django. Once you complete the project, learn some algorithms. Start by using Grokking Algorithm for a light read. Then improve the code of your using some algorithms just learned. Move on to learning more data structures and algorithms, and add new functionalities and optimizations to your project using more powerful code. After six months, learn about how computer networks work, use the Georgia Tech Udacity course on Computer Networks, for free. If already have a bachelors, Georgia Tech has an excellent Masters program at a reduced price.

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