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Kode Vicious


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Originally published in Queue vol. 12, no. 11
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Graham Cormode - Data Sketching
The approximate approach is often faster and more efficient.

Heinrich Hartmann - Statistics for Engineers
Applying statistical techniques to operations data

Pat Helland - Immutability Changes Everything
We need it, we can afford it, and the time is now.

R. V. Guha, Dan Brickley, Steve MacBeth - Schema.org: Evolution of Structured Data on the Web
Big data makes common schemas even more necessary.


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David | Mon, 29 Dec 2014 18:46:29 UTC

> Distributed systems, on the other hand, react to increases in offered > load in what can only politely be referred to as non-deterministic ways.

*Poorly designed* distributed systems react in non-deterministic ways. As you go on to point out, if you haven't instrumented your system in reliable ways and taken care to minimize Heisenburg effects, then you won't understand what happened, and that will lead to attempts to Easter-egg it into a solution.

Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance. A useful mantra. 8-)

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