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Originally published in Queue vol. 10, no. 1
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Jez Humble - Continuous Delivery Sounds Great, but Will It Work Here?
It's not magic, it just requires continuous, daily improvement at all levels.

Nicole Forsgren, Mik Kersten - DevOps Metrics
Your biggest mistake might be collecting the wrong data.

Alvaro Videla - Metaphors We Compute By
Code is a story that explains how to solve a particular problem.

Ivar Jacobson, Ian Spence, Pan-Wei Ng - Is There a Single Method for the Internet of Things?
Essence can keep software development for the IoT from becoming unwieldy.


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Andrew MacGinitie | Tue, 26 Feb 2013 19:05:19 UTC

I don't suppose you might help those of us who don't know Danish, and don't trust Google translate? "Internationalization er et problem vi har mostly styr på" is Greek to me ;-)

Tim Comber | Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:30:35 UTC

After working for a government department for a while in my youth I developed my own time estimator for how long government projects will take. Take the announced completion date or time, double the time from now till then and then add 1 unit of time, e.g It is now February 2012, if a project is announced that it will be completed end of June 2012 it will actually be completed end of December 2012. Proven a useful estimator over the years.

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