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Originally published in Queue vol. 9, no. 10
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Graham Cormode - Data Sketching
The approximate approach is often faster and more efficient.

Heinrich Hartmann - Statistics for Engineers
Applying statistical techniques to operations data

Pat Helland - Immutability Changes Everything
We need it, we can afford it, and the time is now.

R. V. Guha, Dan Brickley, Steve MacBeth - Schema.org: Evolution of Structured Data on the Web
Big data makes common schemas even more necessary.


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Slava Kitaeff | Wed, 09 Nov 2011 02:03:25 UTC


A specialised journal is indeed well overdue. To make it reputable, it would need to have all standard attributes of a journal (included in databases, be citable, calculated impact factor etc).

My another comment is that astronomy ICT/DSP/Algorithms research community is not smaller (perhaps even larger) than some of technical IEEE societies. The number of publications worldwide in astronomy ICT/DSP/Algorithms might be sufficient to argue establishing IEEE journal and technical society.

Associate Professor Dr Slava Kitaeff International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research The University of Western Australia

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