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Originally published in Queue vol. 8, no. 11
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David Crandall, Noah Snavely - Modeling People and Places with Internet Photo Collections
Understanding the world from the sea of online photos

Jeffrey Heer, Ben Shneiderman - Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis
A taxonomy of tools that support the fluent and flexible use of visualizations

Robert DeLine, Gina Venolia, Kael Rowan - Software Development with Code Maps
Could those ubiquitous hand-drawn code diagrams become a thing of the past?

Brendan Gregg - Visualizing System Latency
Heat maps are a unique and powerful way to visualize latency data. Explaining the results, however, is an ongoing challenge.


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WulfCry | Sun, 24 Jul 2011 22:38:53 UTC

Hyperbolic spaces something is there indeed I want to see that also I like how this man looks at things. For any men his own.

Don Garner | Wed, 26 Jan 2011 20:02:46 UTC

Hi Ed. Thanks for a nice trip through some history and some interesting human topics - especially the insight into artists and technologists vs. creativity and organizational talents. (If you can imagine, I still work for a little company in Salt Lake City, Utah called Evans & Sutherland!)

Henrique Modena | Mon, 29 Nov 2010 15:53:22 UTC

Tanks you ED CATMULL...

Bruce Doll | Fri, 19 Nov 2010 12:20:05 UTC

I'll never forget the years I spent working at the Graphix lab at NYIT. It was so good to read this article and take a little journey back to the old days. Thanks Ed and Alvy for the opportunities you gave me.

Alvy Ray Smith | Fri, 19 Nov 2010 01:30:03 UTC

Interesting to hear from my old colleagues Ed and Pat. This note is just to clarify the incorrect statement in the opening paragraphs, which surely were not provided by either Ed or Pat. The usual marketing hype that Pixar was cofounded by Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, and John Lasseter is simply wrong. Ed and I cofounded Pixar, as a spinout from Lucasfilm, and took 38 other employees with us to the new company, including importantly John Lasseter. Steve Jobs was the venture capitalist, and not even the first approached for the spinout, Ross Perot being almost the man before that deal fell through. See founding documents at my homepage, alvyray dot com, under Pixar.

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