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Power Management

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Originally published in Queue vol. 8, no. 1
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Andy Woods - Cooling the Data Center
What can be done to make cooling systems in data centers more energy efficient?

David J. Brown, Charles Reams - Toward Energy-Efficient Computing
What will it take to make server-side computing more energy efficient?

Alexandra Fedorova, Juan Carlos Saez, Daniel Shelepov, Manuel Prieto - Maximizing Power Efficiency with Asymmetric Multicore Systems
Asymmetric multicore systems promise to use a lot less energy than conventional symmetric processors. How can we develop software that makes the most out of this potential?

Matthew Garrett - Powering Down
Power management - from laptops to rooms full of servers - is a topic of interest to everyone. In the beginning there was the desktop computer. It ran at a fixed speed and consumed less power than the monitor it was plugged into. Where computers were portable, their sheer size and weight meant that you were more likely to be limited by physical strength than battery life. It was not a great time for power management.


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Brian | Tue, 20 Jul 2010 15:16:45 UTC

Hi Eric! I was reading your post and see youre concerned about your organizations growing storage costs and capacity. I think EMCs unified storage systems would be a great fit for your team. EMC guarantees youll use 20% less raw unified storage capacity than you do with the competition, which increases your overall storage capacity and reduces your costs. EMC also has a number of great new and upcoming features that give their storage systems a leg up on the competition. Have a look at this paper, and I think youll agree that EMCs unified storage systems are going to be your best option. Brian, EMC Social Outreach Team

Larry Bernstein | Tue, 02 Mar 2010 11:17:48 UTC

The paper was good, I could use a few more software architetcure charts for structuring software so that it is power efficient.

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