: KV the Konqueror It’s been a couple of months, and Kode Vicious has finally returned from his summer vacation. We asked him about his travels and the only response we got was this: “The South Pole during winter ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!” Fortunately, he made it back in one piece and is embracing the (Northern hemisphere’s) late summer balminess with a fresh installment of koding kwestions. This month, KV follows up on a security question from a previous column and then revisits one of koding’s most divisive issues: language choice. Welcome back! Dear KV, Suppose I’m a customer of Sincere-and-Authentic’s (“Kode Vicious Battles On,” April 2005:15-17), and suppose the sysadmin at my ISP is an unscrupulous, albeit music-loving, geek. He figured out that I have an account with Sincere-and-Authentic. He put in a filter in the access router to log all packets belonging to a session between me and S&A. He would later mine the logs and retrieve the music—without paying for it.' />
January/February 2018 issue of acmqueue

The January/February issue of acmqueue is out now

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Originally published in Queue vol. 3, no. 7
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