Queue ICPC Challenge 2012 Tournament

Welcome to the final tournament for the 2012 offering of the Queue ICPC Challenge. The tournament is complete. Congratulations to Sterling West for placing first, and thanks to all participants for making this year's challenge an interesting competition. At the end of the tournament, the following participants took the top four spots.

Sterling Westfirst place
Piers Hankensecond place
Coke Chanthird place
Thomas Blodgetfourth place

Below, you can see how the double-elimination tournament was organized. In the tree, click on the Y-shaped junctions (like the little picture below) to view individual matches via a Java applet. Or, there are links at the bottom of this page for downloading trace files for each match. You can download these and then watch the match locally with the TracePlayer.

Tournament Tree

Downloadable Trace Files