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Migrating from braindeath

Greg Lehey Posted by Greg Lehey | Wed, 11 Jul 2012
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One of the reasons I wanted to move to FreeBSD amd64 was to have enough memory to run VirtualBox machines big enough for programs like DxO Optics Pro. Up to now the biggest memory I could get for smart, a Microsoft XP image, was about 800 MB. Today I tried again, once again running into problems with out of date driverswhy doesn't portupgrade upgrade them? But apart from that, everything went smoothly, and I was able to get up to 3.5 GB of memory. Installed the latest version of DxO and ran it. How much faster? The old machine has a 2.8 GHz Pentium D with 2 GB of memory. smart now has 3 Phenom 9550 CPUs with 3.5 GB of RAM. According to, the Pentium D has a PassMark performance of 1,300, while the Phenom has a PassMark of 2,536, pretty much exactly twice the speed. So how did the conversions go? First thing to note is that DxO, at any rate, only used one CPU. I don't know if Microsoft XP can use more, but there was no evidence of it. And it took twice as long! It seems that these PassMark numbers relate to all available CPUs, so this seems reasonable, but it's a bit disappointing to see an already glacially slow program get twice as slow again.

see the original posting from Greg's diary

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