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Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency

  Wyatt Lloyd, Michael J. Freedman, Michael Kaminsky, David G. Andersen

Stronger properties for low-latency geo-replicated storage

Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures
Eventual Consistency Today: Limitations, Extensions, and Beyond
Structured Deferral: Synchronization via Procrastination

A Primer on Provenance

  Lucian Carata, Sherif Akoush, Nikilesh Balakrishnan, Thomas Bytheway, Ripduman Sohan, Margo Seltzer, Andy Hopper

Better understanding of data requires tracking its history and context.

Provenance in Sensor Data Management
CTO Roundtable: Storage
Better Scripts, Better Games

Provenance in Sensor Data Management

  Zachary Hensley, Jibonananda Sanyal, Joshua New

A cohesive, independent solution for bringing provenance to scientific research

Hazy: Making it Easier to Build and Maintain Big-data Analytics
The Invisible Assistant
Self-Healing Networks

Columns: The Bikeshed

Please Put OpenSSL Out of Its Misery

  Poul-Henning Kamp

OpenSSL must die, for it will never get any better.



Multipath TCP

  Christoph Paasch, Olivier Bonaventure

Decoupled from IP, TCP is at last able to support multihomed hosts.

Passively Measuring TCP Round-trip Times
You Don't Know Jack about Network Performance
TCP Offload to the Rescue

Rate-limiting State

  Paul Vixie

The edge of the Internet is an unruly place

DNS Complexity
Broadcast Messaging: Messaging to the Masses
Lessons from the Letter



Major-league SEMAT—Why Should an Executive Care?

  Ivar Jacobson, Pan-Wei Ng, Ian Spence, Paul E. McMahon

Becoming better, faster, cheaper, and happier

The Essence of Software Engineering: The SEMAT Kernel
A Conversation with Steve Bourne, Eric Allman, and Bryan Cantrill
Voyage in the Agile Memeplex

The Software Inferno

  Alex E. Bell

Dante's tale, as experienced by a software architect

Death by UML Fever
Coding for the Code
Software Development with Code Maps

Columns: Kode Vicious

The Logic of Logging

  George V. Neville-Neil

And the illogic of PDF

Distributed Computing


Eventually Consistent:
Not What You Were Expecting?

  Wojciech Golab, Muntasir R. Rahman, Alvin AuYoung, Kimberly Keeton, Xiaozhou (Steve) Li

Methods of quantifying consistency (or lack thereof) in eventually consistent storage systems

Eventually Consistent
Eventual Consistency Today: Limitations, Extensions, and Beyond
BASE: An Acid Alternative

Unikernels: Rise of the Virtual Library Operating System

  Anil Madhavapeddy, David J. Scott

What if all the software layers in a virtual appliance were compiled within the same safe, high-level language framework?

Self-Healing in Modern Operating Systems
Erlang for Concurrent Programming
Passing a Language through the Eye of a Needle

Toward Software-defined SLAs

  Jason Lango

Enterprise computing in the public cloud

Why Cloud Computing Will Never Be Free
Condos and Clouds
There's Just No Getting around It: You're Building a Distributed System



Scaling Existing Lock-based Applications
with Lock Elision

  Andi Kleen

Lock elision enables existing lock-based programs to achieve the performance benefits of nonblocking synchronization and fine-grain locking with minor software engineering effort.

Proving the Correctness of Nonblocking Data Structures
Erlang for Concurrent Programming
Trials and Tribulations of Debugging Concurrency



The API Performance Contract

  Robert Sproull, Jim Waldo

How can the expected interactions between caller and implementation be guaranteed?

API Design Matters
Revisiting Network I/O APIs: The netmap Framework
Passing a Language through the Eye of a Needle

Case Study

Web Services

Node at LinkedIn:
The Pursuit of Thinner, Lighter, Faster

A discussion
with Kiran Prasad, Kelly Norton, and Terry Coatta

Reveling in Constraints
Multitier Programming in Hop
High Performance Web Sites


Web Development

Web Development Making the Web Faster with HTTP 2.0

  Ilya Grigorik

HTTP continues to evolve

Improving Performance on the Internet
High Performance Web Sites
How Fast is Your Web Site?

ACM Learning Webinars