Distributed Development

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Titus: Introducing Containers to the Netflix Cloud

Approaching container adoption in an already cloud-native infrastructure

by Andrew Leung, Andrew Spyker, Tim Bozarth | November 7, 2017


Functional at Scale

Applying functional programming principles to distributed computing projects

by Marius Eriksen | September 20, 2016

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 59 Issue 12


The Verification of a Distributed System

A practitioner's guide to increasing confidence in system correctness

by Caitie McCaffrey | February 1, 2016

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 59 Issue 2


Testing a Distributed System

Testing a distributed system can be trying even under the best of circumstances.

by Philip Maddox | July 1, 2015

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 58 Issue 9


Corba: Gone but (Hopefully) Not Forgotten

There is no magic and the lessons of the past apply just as well today.

by Terry Coatta | July 14, 2008

CACM This article appears in print in Communications of the ACM, Volume 5 Issue 4


A Passage to India

Most American IT employees take a dim view of offshore outsourcing. It's considered unpatriotic and it drains valuable intellectual capital and jobs from the United States to destinations such as India or China. Online discussion forums on sites such as isyourjobgoingoffshore.com are headlined with titles such as "How will you cope?" and "Is your career in danger?" A cover story in BusinessWeek magazine a couple of years ago summed up the angst most people suffer when faced with offshoring: "Is your job next?"

by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary | February 16, 2005


Outsourcing: Devising a Game Plan

Your CIO just summoned you to duty by handing off the decision-making power about whether to outsource next years big development project to rewrite the internal billing system. That's quite a daunting task! How can you possibly begin to decide if outsourcing is the right option for your company? There are a few strategies that you can follow to help you avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing and make informed decisions. Outsourcing is not exclusively a technical issue, but it is a decision that architects or development managers are often best qualified to make because they are in the best position to know what technologies make sense to keep in-house.

by Adam Kolawa | December 6, 2004


Sink or Swim:
Know When It's Time to Bail

A diagnostic to help you measure organizational dysfunction and take action

by Gordon Bell | January 29, 2004


Culture Surprises in Remote Software Development Teams

"When in Rome" doesn't help when your team crosses time zones, and your deadline doesn't.

by Judith S. Olson, Gary M. Olson | January 29, 2004


Building Collaboration into IDEs


by Li-Te Cheng, Cleidson R.B. de Souza, Susanne Hupfer, John Patterson, Steven Ross | January 29, 2004


The Sun Never Sits on Distributed Development

People around the world can work around the clock on a distributed project, but the real challenge lies in taming the social dynamics.

by Ken Coar | January 29, 2004


Distributed Development:
Lessons Learned

Why repeat the mistakes of the past if you don't have to?

by Michael Turnlund | January 29, 2004