Web Services

Vol. 1 No. 1 – March 2003

Web Services


The Deliberate Revolution

While detractors snub XML web services as CORBA with a weight problem, industry cheerleaders say these services are ushering in a new age of seamless integrated computing. But for those of us whose jobs don't involve building industry excitement, what do web services offer?

by Mike Burner

An Open Web Services Architecture

The name of the game is web services - sophisticated network software designed to bring us what we need, when we need it, through any device we choose. We are getting closer to this ideal, as in recent years the client/server model has evolved into web-based computing, which is now evolving into the web services model. In this article, I will discuss Sun Microsystems' take on web services, specifically Sun ONE: an open, standards-based web services framework. I'll share with you Sun's decision-making rationales regarding web services, and discuss directions we are moving in.

by Stan Kleijnen, Srikanth Raju

Web Services: Promises and Compromises

Much of web services' initial promise will be realized via integration within the enterprise, either with legacy applications or new business processes that span organizational silos. Enterprises need organizational structures that support this new paradigm.

by Joanne Martin, Ali Arsanjani, Peri Tarr, Brent Hailpern


Interview with Adam Bosworth

Adam Bosworth's contributions to the development and evolution of Web Services began before the phrase "Web Services" had even been coined. That's because while working as a senior manager at Microsoft in the late '90s, he became one of the people most central to the effort to define an industry XML specification. While at Microsoft, he also served as General Manager of the company's WebData organization (with responsibility for defining Microsoft's long-term XML strategy) in addition to heading up the effort to develop the HTML engine used in Internet Explorer 4 & 5. Now, as Chief Architect and Senior Vice President of Advanced Development at BEA Systems, Bosworth is much more directly involved in shaping the future of Web Services.


Securing the Edge

Common wisdom has it that enterprises need firewalls to secure their networks. In fact, as enterprise network practitioners can attest, the "must-buy-firewall" mentality has pervaded the field.

by Avi Freedman