Mobile Web Development

Vol. 11 No. 2 – February 2013

Mobile Web Development


The Story of the Teapot in DHTML

It's easy to do amazing things, such as rendering the classic teapot in HTML and CSS.

by Brian Beckman, Erik Meijer

The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices

Building Web sites that perform well on mobile devices remains a challenge.

by Nicholas C. Zakas

FPGA Programming for the Masses

The programmability of FPGAs must improve if they are to be part of mainstream computing.

by David Bacon, Rodric Rabbah, Sunil Shukla

How Fast is Your Web Site?

Web site performance data has never been more readily available.

by Patrick Meenan

Swamped by Automation

Whenever someone asks you to trust them, don't.

by George Neville-Neil