Vol. 8 No. 4 – April 2010



Simplicity Betrayed

Emulating a video system shows how even a simple interface can be more complex—and capable—than it appears.

by George Phillips

Why Cloud Computing Will Never Be Free

The competition among cloud providers may drive prices downward, but at what cost?

by Dave Durkee

Principles of Robust Timing over the Internet

The key to synchronizing clocks over networks is taming delay variability.

by Julien Ridoux, Darryl Veitch

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo

A survey of powerful visualization techniques, from the obvious to the obscure

by Jeffrey Heer, Michael Bostock, Vadim Ogievetsky

Avoiding Obsolescence

Overspecialization can be the kiss of death for sysadmins.

by George Neville-Neil