Vol. 7 No. 9 – October 2009



A Threat Analysis of RFID Passports

Do RFID passports make us vulnerable to identity theft?

by Jim Waldo, Alan Ramos, Weina Scott, William Scott, Doug Lloyd, Katherine O'Leary

Unifying Biological Image Formats with HDF5

The biosciences need an image format capable of high performance and long-term maintenance. Is HDF5 the answer?

by Matthew T. Dougherty, Michael J. Folk, Erez Zadok, Herbert J. Bernstein, Frances C. Bernstein, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Werner Benger, Christoph Best

Probing Biomolecular Machines with Graphics Processors

The evolution of GPU processors and programming tools is making advanced simulation and analysis techniques accessible to a growing community of biomedical scientists.

by James C Phillips, John E. Stone

Metamorphosis: the Coming Transformation of Translational Systems Biology

In the future computers will mine patient data to deliver faster, cheaper healthcare, but how will we design them to give informative causal explanations? Ideas from philosophy, model checking, and statistical testing can pave the way for the needed translational systems biology.

by Samantha Kleinberg, Bud Mishra

You Don't Know Jack About Software Maintenance

Long considered an afterthought, software maintenance is easiest and most effective when built into a system from the ground up.

by Paul Stachour, David Collier-Brown

Merge Early, Merge Often

Integrating changes in branched development

by George Neville-Neil