Little Languages

Vol. 7 No. 1 – January 2009

Little Languages


Purpose-Built Languages

While often breaking the rules of traditional language design, the growing ecosystem of purpose-built "little" languages is an essential part of systems development.

by Mike Shapiro

The Obama Campaign: A Programmer's Perspective

The Obama campaign has been praised for its innovative use of technology. What was the key to its success?

by Benjamin Boer


A Conversation with Van Jacobson

The TCP/IP pioneer discusses the promise of content-centric networking with BBN chief scientist Craig Partridge.


The Flaws of Nature

And the perils of indecision. The latest musings of Stan Kelly-Bootle.

by Stan Kelly-Bootle

Kode Vicious

Pride and Prejudice: (The Vasa)

What can software engineers learn from shipbuilders?

by George V. Neville-Neil

Case Study: RIA Development

Case Study: Making the Move to AJAX

What a software-as-a-service provider learned from using an AJAX framework for RIA development

by Jeff Norwalk

Commentary: A Trip Without a Roadmap

Instead of simply imagining what your users want or need, it's always a good idea to first get their input.

by Peter Christy

Debugging AJAX in Production

Lacking proper browser support, what steps can we take to debug production AJAX code?

by Eric Schrock