Vol. 3 No. 3 – April 2005



A Call to Arms

Long anticipated, the arrival of radically restructured database architectures is now finally at hand.

by Jim Gray, Mark Compton

Databases of Discovery

Open-ended database ecosystems promote new discoveries in biotech. Can they help your organization, too?

by James Ostell

Beyond Relational Databases

There is more to data access than SQL.

by Margo Seltzer


A Conversation with Pat Selinger

Leading the way to manage the world's information


File under "Unknowable!"

It's been a hard day's night--proving nonexistence!

by Stan Kelly-Bootle

Kode Vicious

Kode Vicious Battles On

Dear KV, I'm maintaining some C code at work that is driving me right out of my mind. It seems I cannot go more than three lines in any file without coming across a chunk of code that is conditionally compiled.

by George Neville-Neil